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You may be doing everything right to maintain your body weight, you may be following a healthy diet along with a regular workout – yet you still may not be able to get the body you desire. Would you believe that your wish of having a well-sculpted body and toned muscles is completely valid? Would you believe that AKARA

slimming center is your one-stop solution to all your fitness problems? Read on to know more about body sculpting and how you can choose your weight management at one of the best slimming center clinics in India.

First, let’s talk a bit about the basics – What are body sculpting and toning?


Body Sculpting/ Contouring- Millennial and Gen Z Way of Weight Management at Slimming Centers

Being extremely lean is and should remain to be out of trend. Gone are the days of starving yourself to get a size zero look. Millennials and Gen Z are not going to choose to be thin over true fitness, therefore, they rather eat healthily while choosing beneficial ways of getting a chiselled body at a health slimming center. Body sculpting and contouring is a way of slimming and removing the excess fat to reshape specific areas of the body. Body sculpting/ contouring is not just a weight loss procedure, but it means a subtle cosmetic procedure. The target area of the body is reshaped and contoured by the slimming center by removing the excess fat and getting rid of extra skin.

It works well in those areas where weight loss isn’t effective or where the skin has gotten loose after significant weight loss. Many choose body sculpting over just getting lean to a certain body shape. Some of the target areas that can be contoured are:


  • abdomen
  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • Arms
  • back
  • chin or neck

To remove the extra skin, and natural sagging and for a well-contoured and sculpted body, there used to be surgical options that showed effective results, but your body would take a lot of time to recover. Longer recovery and trauma caused to the body used to make many reluctant to go for such procedures.

New age slimming centers like AKARA by AAYNA provide a non-invasive, non-surgical way of body sculpting and contouring. The body is reshaped, and the sagging skin is also tightened but without the need of going under the knife. The muscles of the body are given an enhanced look by restructuring them according to the need of the client.

Body Toning – A Way Towards a Well-rounded Physique at AKARA Slimming Centers

Best slimming centre clinic delhi and Ludhiana

When we think of a toned body, ripped strong arms and a flat stomach may come to our mind, but body toning is much more than that. By definition, toning means the ability of the muscles to contract on reflex. But in the context of fitness, toning essentially means to have well-defined muscles and a strengthened core & endurance. A slim athletic body that is firm and flexible is having perfectly toned muscles. Extra fat is dissolved through a healthy lifestyle and a well-defined body is achieved.

Some of the benefits of body toning are:


  • Better stamina – With toning, stamina is boosted, and better endurance, reflex, and flexibility is attained. Toning is not just a sign of an attractive physique, but also a sign of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Improved mental health – When you feel energetic and positive, you feel the same too. A well-toned body comes with better mental health. An energetic body means an energetic mind and a well-toned body precisely reflects that!
  • Boosted immunity – By attaining a toned physique, you become less prone to having diseases, and your immunity improves with time.
  • Better posture – A well-toned and defined body improves your posture, which helps in fixing backache and other body aches.

Despite popular claims, toning cannot be achieved with surgery. It can either be attained with exercise and a healthy lifestyle or a safe doctor-approved cosmetic procedure that is non-invasive and non-surgical by a slimming center like AKARA clinic.


AKARA Strength & Sculpt Program at AKARA Slimming Centers in Delhi

AKARA weight management and slimming centers located in Mehrauli and Khan Market, Delhi provide effective body sculpting and toning procedures. AKARA exclusive Strength and Sculpt Program is an ultimate weight loss solution that focuses on toning and endurance through core strengthening. It also targets fat and cellulite with its revolutionary technology. The treatments in the program are customized according to the need of the patient. The treatments involved in AKARA Strength & Sculpt are effective, painless, and comfortable procedures. The results from AKARA Strength and Sculpt develop over time and should be maintained with a recommended diet for a perfectly sculpted and toned physique.

AKARA by AAYNA is a slimming center and a weight management clinic in South Delhi that takes care of all needs related to fat loss, weight reduction, and detox programs. According to the patient’s needs and preferences, we come up with customized plans and the most appropriate recommendations. We have the top nutritionists and doctors to assist you in your weight loss journey and to give you the perfect plan to get the desired shape you wish for. Our two centers in Delhi are in Khan Market and Mehrauli and one center in Ludhiana and we have been providing services related to weight loss for 8 years

Say goodbye to fat and cellulite at AKARA Strength and Sculpt at Slimming Centre today.