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Mushrooms are probably the last on the list of things that will help you in weight loss reduce thigh fat. We’re guessing it won’t even make it to the bottom of the list for some. And rightly so. For most of us, we pick mushrooms to add to our food for that added flavor and texture, but would you really believe us if we told you mushrooms are

superfoods that are not only packed with extra goodness but also aid in weight loss! Mushrooms are loaded with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber that can protect you from various ailments including heart diseases and cancer. Their characteristics of being low in sodium & calories, cholesterol-free, and fat-free, making them a great addition to your weight loss diet plans.

A mushroom diet plan simply means replacing the intake of meat in your meals with mushrooms instead. If you love to have your meat and non-veg items and replacing all of it sounds a bit much, then one can always go for a ‘Blendatarian’ approach, which involves mixing your meats with mushroom so the overall content of the meat is reduced. This mushroom diet or M-Plan should not be confused with the M-Plan diets made popular by Kelly Osborn and Katy Perry back in the day. Their diet plan claimed that eating mushrooms in all your meals instead of meat for a period of 14 days straight can drastically target fat loss in specific problem areas like waistline, thigh fat, upper arms without losing any weight in the bust area, resulting in an ideal goddess-like figure. Obviously, such claims are false and there is no such diet that targets specific problem areas in the body. For that matter, any diet that sounds too good to be true or gives miraculous results for a certain individual should not be taken seriously without consulting your nutritionist.

reduce thigh fat with mushroom diet

Can mushroom diet help reduce thigh fat and aid in weight loss?

According to research and studies conducted on a myriad of people for over a year, the results have shown that eating mushrooms have kept people feeling fuller for longer periods of time as compared to eating meat. This ensures eating healthy with a low-calorie diet and the same people reported feeling less hungry, more full, and energized throughout the day. Mushrooms are an excellent source of fiber and protein and also help regulate glucose levels. This clearly shows that mushrooms aid in the reduction of thigh fat, slimming down your waistline along with an overall weight loss, and help you lose body fat because of low-calorie intake. The studies further indicated that those who were on M-Plan diets or mushroom diets not only maintained weight after a year but also reported less cholesterol and low blood sugar levels.

There is no rocket science in understanding mental health has a direct correlation with physical health. When someone is mentally in a good state of mind, they automatically start caring about their physical appearance and become a lot more disciplined in life. We automatically begin to get attracted to things, habits, and foods that are healthier for us and our bodies. So, before you plan on going on a weight-loss diet or consulting a nutritionist, it’s important to understand your frame of mind as well.

Prepare mushrooms to aid with loss of thigh fat and overall weight!

Mushrooms are a wonderful way to incorporate into your daily diets given their culinary versatility. Whether you want to roast, saute and just steam them up, try swapping your high-calorie veggies and other ingredients with mushrooms to create a well-balanced plate. It is essential to understand that there is no such diet that targets thigh fat or just love handles or arm fat. The diets are a way to help you eat healthier food and have a well balanced diet throughout the day. Mushrooms diets are beneficial in a way that they are loaded with Vitamin B and zinc and thus help in the breakdown of the stored fat.

To be able to go on and continue with a diet, it is important that the food that you eat tastes well for you to enjoy eating. The good part about eating mushrooms is that there are a variety of ways in which they can be consumed and with a huge variety available, you can never get bored with the tastes, textures, flavours, appearances as well as cooking possibilities.

6 micronutrients we get from mushrooms!



Vitamin Bpromotes cell health, energy levels & brain function.
Copperhelps the body to form red blood cells.
Dietary Fibremaintains bowel health.
Potassiummaintain normal levels of fluid inside our cells.
Seleniumpreventing cell damage.
Vitamin Dcritical for building bone.

List of 7 mushrooms and their benefits!

As we know by now, mushrooms are a great source of micronutrients, and given their variety and culinary versatility, there are a zillion ways you can consume them on a daily basis and still not get bored of them! Read through to know them better and understand which are the ones you’d like to try next.

Shiitake Mushrooms: if you love your meat too much to leave it in one go, then you should begin with shiitake mushrooms as they contain almost the same amount of amino acids.

reduce weight with mushroom diet

White Button Mushrooms: these are the easiest mushrooms to lay your hands on and most people have them on regular basis. They are a rich source of vitamin D.

reduce weight with mushroom diet

Oyster Mushrooms: another set of mushrooms any meat lover would love to try! Not only are they tasty, but they also possess various health benefits including promoting heart and immune system health.

reduce weight with mushroom diet

Portobello Mushrooms: just another species of white button mushrooms that are huge and grow brown in colour. They are a great source of fiber, low in energy density which means they are low in calories and hence beneficial in reducing thigh fat and losing weight.

reduce weight with mushroom diet

Porcini Mushrooms: they are a bit harder to find as they aren’t cultivated commercially but are rich in antioxidants that help in boosting immunity.

reduce weight with mushroom diet

Chanterelle Mushrooms: these mushrooms are one of the best sources of Vitamin B, prevent cell damage, reduce inflammation and also lower the risk of certain cancers.

reduce weight with mushroom diet

Enoki Mushrooms: another type of mushrooms that are easily available on the racks. These mushrooms reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and hypertension and support heart health.

reduce weight with mushroom diet

Whether you stick to one or love to experiment with them all, incorporating mushrooms in your daily dietary routines can give you a chance to utilize their benefits to the limit while letting you enjoy the tastes, textures, and recipes!

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