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The time after childbirth is called ‘postpartum’ which lasts for several weeks after the birth. During pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes and weight gain is an obvious part of it.  Post-pregnancy weight loss seems difficult for new mothers. Apart from being overwhelmed with having a new role to play and bonding with the baby, post-pregnancy may come with several challenges related to the body.

Losing baby weight is not simply about getting back in pre-pregnancy shape, but also about regaining strength, toning, and health. While some may go through a lot of expectations through their post pregnancy weight loss, they may remain unable to lose the pregnancy weight and get back the strength.   One can get the benefit from a body slimming clinic to get rid of the extra weight and gain back strength.


post pregnancy weight loss


How to Start Losing post Pregnancy Weight


Post-pregnancy baby weight loss is needed to regain body strength back. However, patience is the key while losing post-natal fat. Fat loss is not only about a fast inch-loss which can be done in many ways, but the real goal should be to be back in your shape and improve well-being. To feel comfortable and healthy after having a baby, positive lifestyle changes are required. It is best to start your postpartum recovery after 6 to 8 weeks of having the baby. One should not have to suffer being in a bodyweight that concerns them and causes stress.


Here are some of the steps you can take to reduce post-pregnancy weight:


1. Healthy Diet – Healthy eating is very important to take care of yourself and your baby. Health experts at AKARA suggest that new mothers should eat at least 5 healthy portions of veggies and fruits a day.  Dieting should not be the priority as it will adversely affect your health and you won’t be able to take care of your baby too. If a mother is breastfeeding, a new mother should ideally be having an ample number of calories and lots of water and fluids.


2. Gentle Exercise – Exercise is important but a body that just went through labor won’t find the strength to work out.  It is better to first be mentally ready to start working out. Once you feel comfortable about it, you can start with mild exercise and walks.


Your abdomen area and back would be a bit weak after the pregnancy and therefore, our health experts advise you to be careful not to hurt yourself. Post pregnancy bleeding may become heavy if you are working out more than you should. It is best to first get consulted by a women’s weight loss clinic to get the beat stomach fat removal program after pregnancy.


3. Maintained Lifestyle – For post pregnancy weight loss tips, our fat loss specialists give certain tips to improve and maintain a good lifestyle. Instead of eating unhealthy fattening food, healthy snacking like nuts, fruits, smoothies, etc should be taken. Processed food and high-level sugar food should be avoided, and healthy eating should be a priority. AKARA’s weight management doctors also remind the value of a good night’s sleep and staying hydrated. Alcohol and cigarettes should be strictly avoided during this time, not just because you are breastfeeding but also because they would adversely affect your already weakened body.


If you need help in your weight loss journey, it is advised to talk to our doctors at AKARA – a unique body slimming clinic with some of the best weight loss programs.


Post Pregnancy Weight Recovery During Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding causes an excessive amount of calorie burn and you can lose hundreds of calories just by breastfeeding. It is important to keep your diet healthy if you are breastfeeding as your body will require the strength and nutrition required to feed the baby. A crash diet is not recommended during this time. Even though you will burn a lot of calories, your weight may remain increased as your body stores a lot of fat during the pregnancy for your body to produce milk.


Post Pregnancy Fat Loss, body sculpting, body contouring at AKARA.


AKARA is a fat loss clinic in Delhi and Ludhiana, with special weight loss programs for post-pregnancy weight loss. Our inch-loss experts, doctors, and nutritionists believe that motherhood is a special experience and therefore we make efforts to make the post-pregnancy weight loss special too. We have some of the best weight loss programs for new mothers and we hope that no new mommy would have to go through the stress of post-pregnancy weight gain and body weakening and try futile or careless efforts to lose fat. We have developed safe and healthy programs that not only focus on fat loss but also on gaining back core strength and muscle strength.


Lose Weight with AKARA Mommy Makeover Program


AKARA Mommy Makeover Program is a non-invasive, safe, and extremely healthy way to shed the extra post-baby weight and gain the strength back. This fat loss program is extremely beneficial as –


  • It restores the core muscle strength
  • It helps improve metabolism
  • Helps in water retention and helps in bloating
  • Helps in reducing postpartum fat
  • Help in general weight loss
  • Helps in reducing cellulite
  • Helps in skin tightening
  • Helps build muscle and contours the body


Book today and start your post-pregnancy weight loss journey with AKARA.



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