High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

In our busy schedule sometimes it is difficult to keep up the specific dietary and fitness regime and it is a challenge to maintain the body shape you want too. High intensity focused ultrasound is a unique technology which provides a onetime solution for the stubborn fat bulges.

One-time solution for stubborn fat bulges.

HIFU helps in target area reduction and results will start showing in first week itself and keep on building up in following weeks. One can lose 3-4 inches in one sitting.

how it works?
HIFU precisely targets heating of adipose tissues up to 55 to 60degree Celsius causing fat cell death. It uses focused beam to target deeper fat layer and this thermal energy causes surrounding collagen to contract eventually giving skin tightening as well.

HIFU comes with contact cooling which protects epidermis from thermal damage and makes treatment very comfortable for patients. With HIFU fat cells membranes breaks down releasing triglycerides into the fluid cell which through lymphatic systems transported to the liver, where fat gets processed via body’s own natural process.

Immediate visible fat reduction & results peak in 2-4 weeks.

What areas can be treated?

With HIFU, we can treat abdomen, love handles, buttocks, arms, hips, and buttocks.