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In a bid to flaunt washboard abs, most of us sweat it out at the gym and stay away from fried foods and sweets for months. But sometimes, even this is not enough for the perfect 10 figure. And that is where non-surgical fat removing techniques come into play. These are non invasive in nature and are said to remove fat from the abdominal area by targeting unwanted fat cells. Dr. Simal Soin, cosmetic dermatologist says, “It uses focused radio frequency to heat up the fat cells to the point of apoptosis or fat cell death, which ultimately causes their permanent removal. 

Treatment of a large area can be done at one time, claims doctors. Laser surgeons claim that non-invasive fat lipolysis techniques are a non-contact procedure and also painless, unlike surgical removal of fat. Dr. Simal Soin, says “This technique helps maintain the right contours in the desired areas of the body by targeting the non-surgical way of treating the fat cells to eventually break them, achieving substantial and measurable inch loss.” 

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The conventional ultrasound techniques of yesteryears were non-selective and had fewer efficacies against the selective fat treatments. Dr. Soin, cosmetologist says, “selective radio-frequency field is exposed over the treatment area, which is turned to the fat cells selectively without affecting the skin or the muscles in close vicinity of the area, in a painless manner.” 

Overall, these treatments feel like a painless heat massage, state doctors. Around four to six sessions are required, depending upon the fat. Doctors say that for best results, along with any kind of non-surgical fat burning technique, it is recommended to practice light to moderate exercise, such as walking, along with following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. This helps to maintain the results obtained.