AKARA is the first in India to introduce this revolutionary, non-invasive body sculpting treatment which helps build muscle and burn fat, simultaneously. A single, 30-minute session equals 20,000 muscle contractions, but without the pain, downtime, or the sweating.

Non-invasive method of weight loss & fat reduction.

• Muscle toning and fat loss simultaneously
• Gives a firm abdomen with a visible 6 pack
• Only non-invasive treatment for butt lift
• Strengthens core muscles
• Improves muscle toning, post pregnancy
• US FDA Approved
• No Downtime
• Weekly Treatments

Targeted inch loss & toning.

What are the expected results?

It helps specifically target smaller muscle groups such as arms, calves, and thighs, with the help of small applicators.

Know more about EMSculpt®

About EmSculpt treatment, Delhi

Having the body of your dreams is not a tedious task anymore. People spend hours in gyms for a well-toned body but sometimes due to lifestyle issues and other medical reasons, they struggle to remain in their desired shape. To help you in achieving the body of your dreams, AKARA by AAYNA was introduced in India – the EmSculpt treatment in Delhi.  EmSculpt treatment, Delhi is a safe, non-invasive option through which visible inch loss can be achieved effectively in just a few sessions. EmSculpt treatment in Delhi is a revolutionary technology in weight loss that is replacing the weight loss surgeries that can cause multiple side effects and painful downtime.


EmSculpt Treatment, Delhi – How Does it Work?

EmSculpt Treatment Delhi is a result-oriented procedure for muscle toning and core strengthening. It is the only non-invasive method for butt lifts and experts have been performing it for good results catering to the individual needs of the patients. Using an electromagnetic field, EmSculpt stimulates and speeds up the strengthening of the core, muscles and toning of the target areas. It gives about 20000 muscle contractions in just a 30-minute session and gives the aftereffects of an intense workout. It is a practical and comfortable method of weight loss and fat reduction.


How Safe is EmSculpt Treatment Delhi?

EmSculpt treatment is a US FDA-approved procedure and is an extremely safe weight reduction method. EmSculpt is a much more comfortable alternative than the surgical methods of fat reduction. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved it to be a treatment that involves no pain or side effects. There is no downtime involved in EmSculpt Treatment Delhi and you can carry on with your regular activities after your sessions.


EmSculpt Treatment in Delhi Near Me

Delhi is known for its delicious street food and variety of cuisine. A cosmopolitan as vibrant as Delhi prides itself upon the food and the fashion alike. To maintain good shape while living in a foodie’s heaven may sound difficult but it is possible now through the revolutionary technology of EmSculpt Treatment. It effectively reduces fat around the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs and is the only non-invasive method for a Butt lift. It results in a firm abdomen and a visible 6 packs is possible after just a few sessions.


EmSculpt Treatment Delhi for Post Pregnancy

Childbirth is a special occasion in any woman’s life. You gain weight during pregnancy but after the birth of the baby, it may get difficult to get back in the former shape. Many women find it impossible to get back to the shape they desired post-pregnancy. AKARA offers to perform EmSculpt Treatment post-pregnancy so effective inch reduction is possible for women after childbirth without bearing any side effects or pain. Through EmSculpt, the core can be strengthened, and muscle growth is accomplished post-childbirth.


Book Your Session for EmSculpt Delhi at AKARA by AAYNA

At AKARA, we have been helping our patients in safe fat reduction and weight loss through customized treatments. After a thorough consultation, AKARA’s weight loss experts and nutritionists decide the best treatment suitable for the patient. We introduced EmSculpt in Delhi to provide this internationally acclaimed technology to our patients who want to get benefited from it. Book your session for EmSculpt treatment in Delhi today.