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The human population is the most intelligent and able species on this planet, and it is obvious when two individuals meet, there is a level of comparison and/or a level of attraction. It’s human tendency to feel the need to look better than we already do, at times, even to become the epitome of beauty and to reach those society-defined standards of a perfect body type. To bask in a ‘feel good’ factor to make a fine impression on whomever we come across, is only so natural. And while in this age everything seems to get covered up with the help of make-up, there are some things on our body that even make-up cannot help with. This is where AKARA by AAYNA comes to your rescue. Your ideal weight-loss and management specialist with the most effective, non-invasive and US-FDA approved technologies, dedicated to offering the best weight management outcomes. The best part? All AKARA programs are customized to cater to individual needs, because we know each body is different (& beautiful).

To begin with, according to ‘Our World in Data’, around 13% of the world’s population was overweight or obese in the year 2016. And when we come to think of it, it’s a pretty high percentage of numbers. Body sculpting – it seems is the need of the hour, where at AKARA our doctors recommend you with the optimal non-invasive procedures best suited to you, your body and the areas of concern. The customized processes are developed in an elegant way to make treatments comfortable, safe and effective. Body sculpting is nothing but reshaping of an area of the body in order to get rid of the excess skin or fat deposit, thereby leaving you with your desired body shape.

AKARA offers a wide array of programs for cellulite removal, tummy tuck, body contouring, body transformation, postpartum mommy makeovers along with programs by our weight loss specialist that focus on weight loss tips and diet charts. Our treatments are performed with the highest safety standards, using the latest technologies from around the world that are not only backed by well-established clinical data but approved by the US FDA as well. Here are a few programs you might want to look at for your concerns:

  1. AKARA Body Transformation Program: Upper & Lower body: This body transformation program is designed specifically to target localized fat on specific areas of the body. It helps in reducing excess fat while improving the shape and the contour of the body. It works on fat deposited on arms, abdomen, bra fold, butt, thighs and more such areas. Ideal for male body transformation & body transformation for females as well. If you choose this, our team of weight specialists will create a customized treatment regimen for you by focusing on your needs to fulfill your body shaping goals.
male body transformation

2. AKARA Cellulite Removal Program: Cellulite is one of the major concerns of 90% of women around the world. At AKARA, our advanced Cellulite Removal Program works on breaking the fibrous fat bands using advanced technologies which help you get a firmer and smoother body. Our team of experts plan out a regimen that fits you and your needs just right to get rid of those high percentages dimpled skin in no time.

3. AKARA Mommy Makeover Program: We have a smart and effective way to approach weight loss post pregnancy with a combination of cutting-edge technology, customized nutritional advice and emotional support with constant monitoring and mentoring. There are many areas of the body that can be addressed, most commonly skin laxity, abdomen, buttocks, breasts, waist, and genitalia. Whether you’re a new mother and want to get back in shape quickly or it has been a while since you felt your best in your body, get the Mommy Makeover you’ve been waiting for.

Mommy Makeover Program:

In this age of social media, when every person that you meet might have a social presence on the internet, the need to not only look good but to feel good from within has become an absolute necessity. When exercising and diets have ceased to give you your desired results, AKARA here just helps you reach your ideal body goals in a fast and safe manner. Our team of weight management experts along with specialized nutritionists understand your body, the points of concern, the reason behind it, along with the treatment and care your body needs. This, in turn, helps them in creating a personalized plan that works the best specifically for you. The treatment plan is created keeping in mind a holistic approach towards your body, that consists of non-invasive procedures, diet plans as well as exercises that help you reach your goal like never before.

To know more about all our programs, look out for our upcoming blog or check out AKARA by AAYNA